HANG TEN ON HARBOR BOULEVARD! Located on the second story Observation Deck, Surfside Waterpark is the largest hotel waterpark outside of the Disney hotels. Explore 20,000 square feet of slides, pools, fountains and more.  From newbies to seasoned surfers this is a place for the whole family to play, together! 

  • Climb 30-feet to reach Courtyard Coaster and Anaheim Accelerator, two thrilling slides that send you to a splash landing below!
  • Climb aboard the Beach Shack to the Kowabunga and Hang 10 slides, or the twin Gremmie slides for the wee ones!
  • The 400-gallon Drench Bucket is sure to be a hit as it soaks those below every few minutes. When you hear the bell, you better come a runnin’!
  • Fountain features surround the Beach Shack for lots of ways to play and beat the heat. 
  • Take a dip or get your exercise in the 42-Foot Pool on the sun deck.
  • Nothing is better at the end of a long day at Disneyland than a soak in a Hot Tub. Ours is located on the sun deck and holds 15 of your closest friends. And you may catch a glimpse of the fireworks!